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Good data is attained by integrating multiple data sources, deriving a ‘single version of the truth,’ and putting that good data (and unstructured content) into a data warehouse where the BA/BI tools can perform their magic. DDD (data-driven decision making) begins and ends with good data.

“smarter technology” posted a great article “Data Two, Gut One” that got me thinking more about the value of good data. In the article, they state that new research shows data-driven decisions improve organizational performance and company value.

In my current position as a marketing evangelist for data warehousing and analytics, that has proven itself time and time again. When looking for ways to increase our marketing effectiveness, I look at the various marketing channels we use to get our messages out to the market. Having complete data available regarding marketing activities, marketing channels used, customer segmentation sets, response rates…and, how leads progress through the sales funnel, is critical.

When some of the data is unavailable, quite simply, the “truth” is not known, and any decisions based on this information is just a guess, gut feel, intuition, a hope and a prayer, a SWAG. When the data is complete, accurate and trusted, I can then make quality decisions to fill in any gaps, go after new markets, tweak the messaging to get higher response rates, etc.

Analytics applications that nicely present dashboards, scorecards, historical trends, predictive analys, and give me actionable insights, can all benefit from good data. Good data begins with data integration, data quality, and a good data warehouse.

If anyone reading this post has had good experience with good data, or a bad experience with bad data, I encourage you to share your story by commenting.


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