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I coudn’t¬†write a better blog posting than Larry Weber, one of my outstanding counterparts in evangelizing IBM Data Warehousing and Analytics solutions. So rather than write something different, I’d like to refer everyone over to Larry’s (the other Larry) blog to read more about our exciting new Smart Analytics System offerings and the Warehouse Packs Live demo that YOU can experience firsthand…on a tablet PC that a bunch of us will be carrying around the event. Come find one of us at the Data Management / Warehousing peds, or Demo Room, or BP Cafe, or in one of our countless business and technical sessions, or Ask The Expert and Birds of a Feather sessions, or Hands-On Labs, or…. Do you get the feel that we have A LOT going on at IOD 2011? Yes we do!! Come and see….!!

And READ Larry Weber’s blog! Ditto everything he says!



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Packs Live!

IBM is showing a live demonstration of analytics on a tablet PC at the IBM IOD 2011 event in Las Vegas next week.

Utilizing IBM InfoSphere¬†Warehouse, Warehouse Packs (pre-built models, algorithms, sample reports) and Cognos running on the new IBM Smart Analytics System 5710, YOU can see how EASY it is to get real analytics and real insight on a tablet PC throughout your organization, 24×7, where ever you are.

Find us at the Data Management and Data Warehouse and Analytics booths at IOD 2011 to learn more and experience it for yourself!


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