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Big Data

Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

In the case of big data, “Build it and they will come.” The building of big data is the explosion of information, partly made possible by the Internet, partly by massive storage at low cost, etc etc etc, these factors are quite well known and discussed.

But in the ever-competitive business climate out there, aggressive and agile line of business managers have developed a passionate thirst to mine all that data for the next competitive advantage – be it a new business model, tapping into emerging markets, finer customer segmentation, real-time marketing offers, reducing customer churn, fraud detection, customer sentiment analysis…the list goes on, bounded only by the creative juices of business leaders that want to succeed and win…meaning, there is no bound to the potential uses of big data.

What is exciting right now is the “perfect storm of big data.” It is here, and whipping up little tornados all over the place. It is an exciting time to be in this space!!!


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