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Find out more: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere/warehouse/
Find out more: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/db2-warehouse-10/

Scenario: A retail store is now able to predict and replenish its merchandize stock by operationalizing an automated process flow. The retailer can analyze inventory data and product stock levels in real time. By deploying IBM InfoSphere Warehouse to reduce decision latency, the store’s accelerated decision-making capability now effortlessly keeps pace with the speed of demand.

Key benefits of InfoSphere Warehouse v10:
Faster Insights

  • Real-time Business Intelligence as operational data is continuously being feed into the warehouse.
  • Faster, accurate decision making, turnaround times.

Improved Cost Efficiencies

  • Adaptive Data Compression provides on average 30% improvement (up to 75%) over IBM’s existing Deep Compression.
  • Multi-Temperature Storage allows you to optimize data storage cost-efficiency.

Higher Performance

  • Star Schema optimization delivery for quicker response times – delivering 3x performance on BI workloads.
  • Continuous Ingest of data optimizes loading of data leading to faster decision making.
  • High Availability Operational access concurrent with analytics.

Increased Team Productivity

  • Built-In Time Travel query enabling faster historical and trend analytical queries.
  • Row and Column access controls to support multiple tenant operational warehouses.
  • Native Bi-Temporal support improves developer and DBA productivity.

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Packs Live!

IBM is showing a live demonstration of analytics on a tablet PC at the IBM IOD 2011 event in Las Vegas next week.

Utilizing IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, Warehouse Packs (pre-built models, algorithms, sample reports) and Cognos running on the new IBM Smart Analytics System 5710, YOU can see how EASY it is to get real analytics and real insight on a tablet PC throughout your organization, 24×7, where ever you are.

Find us at the Data Management and Data Warehouse and Analytics booths at IOD 2011 to learn more and experience it for yourself!


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