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The IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance

IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances combine advanced hardware, software and storage inside a true appliance. The result – a purpose-built, highly optimized, high performance environment for analytics.

Need answers to your most pressing business questions? Drop in your data, lots of it, and press the EASY button to gain new insights into your data. Read the article here…


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Pay only for the data you analyze with InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3
Download this whitepaper

The new IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 offers a simple and transparent “pay for what you use” terabyte pricing that allows your organization to pay only for the volume of compressed user data you manage in your data warehouse. Download this whitepaper to learn how to build high-speed, scalable analytics into your data warehouse with InfoSphere Warehouse.

As your data volumes grow, you can purchase additional warehousing capacity on a just-in-time basis. IBM’s industry leading compression capabilities further increase the value of this new pricing option. Do what’s right for your business and your users – put the best warehouse software on the best machine for the job.

Now pay only for the data you analyze with the new InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7.3 and deliver powerful business insights. Download this whitepaper to learn how to build high-speed, scalable analytics into your data warehouse with InfoSphere Warehouse.

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Great article on Business Week site… http://www.businessweek.com/managing/content/feb2011/ca2011023_063316.htm?campaign_id=yhoo 

Uncertainty… To mitigate uncertainty you need insight into the marketplace, your business, customer behavior, economics, supply chain, etc etc etc. Where do you get that insight?? From the data sources within your company and from data outside your company. How do you analyze it?? With good data warehousing solutions, good data models and business intelligence / business analytics tools. Will this get you ALL the answers you need?? NO, but it’s far better to do your analysis and make as many decisions as you can based on facts, analytics, trends, scorecards, dashboards, performance, predictive modeling, than it is to rely on gut feel, intuition, or that arrogant word, experience. Data warehousing and analytics are seeing a huge surge for this very reason – to take as much uncertainty out of the equation as possible and base decisions on facts and analytics rather than gut feel. See more here… http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere/data-warehousing/.

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IBM’s Analytical Ways – Why Big Blue has invested $12 billion in data analytics.

Written at Forbes.com by Kym McNicholas, http://www.forbes.com/2010/11/05/data-analytics-ibm-technology-cio-network-jonas.html

In good economic climates, even a monkey on a rock can make money. In the tough times that we face today, you have to know your markets and your customers deeply in order to make better, faster and more confident decisions. This can only come from an integrated data warehouse based on trusted information, that is mined for trends, insights, opportunities and cost savings.

1 in 3 business leaders make decisions on information they do not have or do not trust, and 1 in 2 don’t have access to the information they need to do their jobs (IBM CIO Study 2010 – http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/cio/ciostudy/executive-views.html).

So the New Year’s Resolution you must make, is to invest in providing your executives and Line of Business managers with the information and insights they need. And provide visual reports, scorecards and dashboards on key performance indicators.

You can bet that your competitors are fast at work doing this. Data warehousing and business analytics are more important in today’s global economy than ever before.

Once you have this insight, then and only then, can you take the right actions to optimize your business.

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