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Reduce Transactional System Complexities to Fund Your Next Innovation

Businesses today cannot operate without data—not even for a moment.

  • Businesses once had the upper hand, but today consumers have gained tremendous power. Increased choices, lower switching costs and easier access to product information have empowered customers to make more informed decisions and compare alternatives more easily. It has become extremely important for organizations to understand and anticipate customer behavior and needs using all available sources of information, including social media.
  • The situation is further complicated as organizations are expected to do more with less. Organizations need to optimize their processes and IT resources to create new opportunities, to mitigate risk, and to increase efficiency.
  • Every day, incredible amounts of diverse data are being generated, ranging from online clicks, transactions and machine-generated sensor data to social media posts, emails and videos. Businesses understand that collecting, processing and embedding this constantly growing stream of both structured and unstructured data into daily operations is key to meeting emerging challenges and uncovering new opportunities. In short, analyzing big data brings success. This is the new reality. Embracing analytics is now a requirement for successful organizational performance.

What is needed for IT organizations to meet today’s top challenges?

  • Handle more data, faster
  • Simplify set up, use and maintenance
  • Support existing systems
  • Use existing skills and don’t require application code changes

In short, make it super fast, super easy…   …and have it deliver super savings.

PureData System for Transactions is a highly available, large scale database appliance that helps you reduce time, effort, cost and risk to design, procure, integrate, and deploy highly available transactional database services.

Database Appliance:

  • Reduce time, work effort, cost and risk to design, procure, integrate, and deploy non-stop data services
  • Fast deployment of high availability clusters and databases

High Availability / Scalability:

  • Improve uptime and reduce downtime costs
  • Simplified disaster recovery
  • Scale out to handle growing data

Infrastructure Efficiency:

  • Consolidate many databases onto a single system
  • Reduce data center costs: space, power, cooling
  • Reduce storage costs

IT Administrator Productivity:

  • Application transparency; no application changes
  • Simplified self-management lowers IT staff time
  • Leverage existing skills

Find out more about PureData System for Transaction. Attend one of our seminars on: “Reduce Transactional System Complexities to Fund Your Next Innovation.” Click here to see the dates, locations and agenda.


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